Club administration

Club overview

How do I change the club staff?
How do I upload sponsor banners?

Club calendar

How to create an activity for all teams in the club?
How do I create new activity types?
How do I create a payment activity?


How to create new members in the club?
How do I create coaches on teams?
How to import membership lists from Excel?
How do I edit my membership details?
How do I change a profile's role on a team?
How do I merge two similar profiles into one?
How do I move/add a member to another team?
How do I delete a member from a team/the whole club?
How do I restore deleted members?
Where can I see attendance statistics?
How do we plan the clubs resources?
Is there any costs of having a club on SportMember?
How do I unblock a member's email address?
How do you assign a board member to a team?
How do I create members from the waiting list?
How do I use membership numbers?
How to get started on SportMember


How do I send emails to the whole club or to specific teams?

Membership fee

How do I register a bank account for membership fee payment?
How do I create membership fee payments?
How do I create a team payment?
How can I see who has/hasn't paid their membership fee?
Where can I see future membership fee payments?
How do I send reminders to members who have not paid their membership fee?
How do I exempt a member from paying membership fees?
How do I create a reduced membership fee price that apply to new members?
How do I set up the monthly membership fee?


How to set up a club homepage?
How does the info screen work?


How do I create teams in the club?
How do I delete a team?


How to send a newsletter?


How do I create departments in the club?

Club settings

How do I define club terms that members must accept?
How do I use the optional fields in the membership list?
How do I make address and birthday mandatory?
How do I decide if coaches should be able to see overdues information?
How do I make sure members can't delete themselves?
How do I change the receipt email members receive when requesting a team?
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