The Significance of Baseball


Baseball is one of the most famous sport in the US next to Football and the highest level of baseball in the US is the Major League Baseball (MLB) and it is also considered as the oldest. It is also considered as one of the big four sports- football, hockey, basketball, and baseball where the defense owns the ball. 

The baseball game is so popular that many people wager to bet on their favorite team. That’s why online casinos are popular in Finland (locally known as netticasinot), where Finns participate in important sports events.

Baseball was considered America’s pastime back then so, therefore, it is part of their tradition. Although baseball cannot be considered as an all “American Game”, this game helped shape their culture. What’s unique about this game is when the player is out of the game, the player can no longer re-enter.

So, how did Baseball started in the US?

It started during the American civil war in the 1840s as an occasional diversion of the soldiers on both sides. After the war ended, they took the game home with them and thus became a well-known sport that unified the country years after the bloodiest civil war of American history.

Basic qualities a player should possess to be an effective baseball player:


1. Focus

Players should possess concentration for it requires quick decisions and reflexes. Another thing also is that players should be energized for the game to be played effectively.


2. Attitude towards the game

The player’s ethics towards the game has to be highly assessed and preparedness has to be always monitored. There is no room for an athlete to be idle in the game. They should keep on practicing, playing, and being resilient.


3. Confidence

Whether you’re playing for a baseball game in a university or Olympics, professional baseball player should show their confidence and trust in oneself.  A player must have the ability to believe in oneself towards the game.

4. Being competitive

Baseball requires wit and lots of energy to be part of the team. Healthy competition is required.


5. Humbleness

Any sport is a gamble, no matter how good a player or team you are into, failure is always there. We don’t win all the time. Through losing, the players realize where their weaknesses are and try to correct them in the future. Humility and sportsmanship have to be observed.


6. Stress management

The team is usually trained to manage their stress and to be relaxed even in the most crucial situations during the game.


7. Flexibility 

Players are assigned to a particular position in the game wherever their niche may be. However, it cannot be avoided that there may be some instances wherein a player has to fill in a particular position during the game hence, being flexible and knowledgeable is also a must.

At Present Time

From the advent of Baseball in the US until the modern age, this sport proves that it is not only fun that it brings but it brought forth comfort to the people through trying times that come their way.

Weeks after the 9/11 bombing in 2001, President George W. Bush threw out the first pitch of the World Series Game 3 in New York. April 15, 2013, was marked as one of the tragic events in the US when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon while ironically watching the Red Sox. These are just some of the examples of the sad but memorable events in the US in the shadows of victory thru sports.

Baseball represents the spirit of America that amidst the trying times, they will always be united and strong.

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