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Leg workout and mobility around hips and groin

Description of the exercise: Sit down, and get up without using your arms. (exercise video D0030 The whole body

Intention of the exercise: This exercise activates and strengthens muscles and ligaments around your hips and in your legs. You will get a better mobility of your hips by doing this exercise. An exercise combining control of your body, flexibility and balance. Motoric training that will enhance a better motoric. Regardless of what sport you do, strong and mobile joints are important. It will prevent injuries and secure an optimal technique in all movements, like jumping or sprinting.

How to do the exercise: Stand up, lie down on you back slowly, and then get up to start position. Do it without using your hands. Fun skill that will give an advantage if you need to get up right away - like if you fall in football or handball.

Great exercise to do home or outside!

Recommended repetitions and set: Repeat 6 - 10 x 1 - 3.

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