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Leg workout

Description of the exercise: Lunges with hands on your side (exercise video A0350 Foot & Leg in

Intention of the exercise: This exercise enhances the strength in your legs. To have strong leg muscles around your knee, can prevent knee injuries. If you have problems with your knees, this exercise will be good to start with. As always, all exercises has to be done with good balance and control. Start gently and increase gradually.

Regardless of what sport it is, strength is always important. The exercise can be done by everyone.

How to do the exercise: Keep the upper body straight, take a step forward with right or left leg, go as deep as you can, and back to the start position.

Continuity is a keyword in training and in the physical training.Easy to do at home.

Recommended repetitions and set: 5 - 15 / leg x 1 - 5.

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