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Leg and ankle workout

Description of the exercise: Jump on one leg from side to side (exercise video A0210 Foot & Leg in

Intention of the exercise: This exercise strengthens muscles in the legs, and ligaments and muscles around the ankle. A simple exercise to avoid injuries as a sprained ankle. It is also a good rehabilitation exercise if your ankle already is sprained. Great exercise and it’s good for sports that has a lot of direction shift.

Regardless of the sport, strong feet and legs are essential for being active.

How to do the exercise: Imagine a line you have to jump across. Perform the exercise by jumping over a line or string. Focus on correct body posture to keep your balance. Adjust the frequency. And do it on a mat or other soft material and without shoes.

Continuity is a keyword in training and in the physical training. Add the exercise in your daily routine, in the locker room. It is easy to do at home.

Recommended repetitions and set: 20” - 40" x 1 - 3.

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