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Ankle workout

Description of the exercise: Stand on one leg with your eyes closed (exercise video A0010 Foot & Leg in

Intention of the exercise: This exercise strengthens the muscles in your foot to give a better balance. It will strengthen ligaments and muscles in the ankle. A simple exercise to avoid injuries as a sprained ankle. It is also a great rehabilitation exercise if your ankle is already sprained.

Regardless of the sport, strong legs and ankles are essential for being active. A good balance is always important.

How to do the exercise: Stand on one leg with your eyes closed. To activate all muscles and nerves in the leg, do the exercise without shoes.

Continuity is a keyword for training and in the physical training. Add balance exercises in your daily workout routine, fx while getting warm or in the locker room. It is also easy to do at home, or when you brush your teeth.

Recommended repetitions and set: 30 to 90 sec several times a day.

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