How do I unblock a member's email address?

Open Members and find the members who do not receive emails from SportMember.

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click on MEMBERS
  3. Find one or more members with a  next to their email address
  4. Press  on the far right under the Actions column
  5. Press  Unblock
  6. Press Unblock and confirm with Yes


  • TIP: You can unblock multiple members at once by checking the box to the far left of the members' names. Then press  and at the far right under the Actions column in the top blue box.

The system will now try to send the mail to the recipient(s) again.

If the user still does not receive emails from SportMember, or is again put back on the block list, please contact SportMember at [email protected] to have us remove the block.

In the email, please indicate which email addresses/people you would like to have unblocked.

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