How do I invite members to my team?

Go to Members

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct team under top right
  2. Click on on the left
  3. Click on MEMBERS
  4. Click on More on the right
  5. Click on  Invite member
  6. Copy the invitation link or type the email address(es) in the box to send the link directly from here. In this case, finish with Send

  • TIP: It is up to you whether you send the link directly from SportMember or whether you copy the link and share it on Facebook or elsewhere

Regardless of how you invite, members will receive a link where they simply click on the green View Invitation button.

They will now be on the team and therefore in your member list.

The member can edit their membership details themselves and then download the SportMember app from either Google Play (Android phone) or the App Store (iPhone).

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