How do I edit a member's profile?

Go to Members

  1. Click on on the left
  2. Click onMEMBERS
  3. Click on  next to the specific member name on the right in the Actions column
  4. Change information and/or master data as you wish
  5. Change membership status of the team, if applicable
  6. Finish with the green Save button

Note: If you change the member status to either coach, assistant or team leader, you give the person the right to create activities/edit the member data on the team

If the member has two addresses due to divorced parents, for example, an additional address and email can be added in the Additional Address box.

As a coach, be careful not to downgrade yourself from coach to team leader, because you will not have the option to make yourself a coach again afterwards. If you are the only coach on the team, you cannot downgrade yourself, as there must always be a "Coach" available.

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