How do I divide my members into colours?

Create member colors

Go to Team SettingsandAdd Color

  1. Click on   at the button left 
  2. Click on  Team Settings
  3. Click on Members on the left
  4. Click on +Add Color
  5. Select colors and name the color. Add more colours if needed
  6. Finish with Save

You have now created the member colours, which can be seen immediately in Team settings.

Divide members into member colours

Go to Members and Assign member colours

  1. Click on  on the left
  2. Click on MEMBERSon the left
  3. Click on  Assign member colours
  4. Select the member color on the left you want to move people from
  5. Select the member colour on the right you want to move people to
  6. Select members by clicking 
  7. Select one or more on the team. Finally clickSave

  • TIP: You can select both members and coaches, assistants and team leaders when assigning member colours

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