How do I synchronize the calendar with my own?

On SportMember it is possible to synchronize your SportMember team calendar calendar with your personal calendar. By synchronizing the calendar your activities in SportMember will be shown in your normal calendar. Whatever it is Outlook, Google or Apple etc. it is possible to synchronize the calendar.

How it is done

There are 3 ways of synchronizing your calendar

  1. All activities: Here you synchronize all activities, which can be found in your SportMember calendar.
  2. Only registered: Here you only synchronize the activities, which you have signed up for.
  3. Only not-registered: Here you synchronize the activities which you have not cancelled, and the activities you have set yourself available to.

To synchronize the calendar you simply enter the calendar section in SportMember and pick one of the 3 ways to synchronize. By a few clicks you have synchronized the calendar.

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