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After endless of problems with players and friends not signing up for matches and training, Frank Bjergø decided, in 2004, that he would make life easier for coaches and players. He wanted to make a digital platform to communicate between coaches and players, so that they could save time on the frustrating coordination, and instead spend more time on the field. This is how SportMember started.

With time, SportMember has developed, so that it today also is a platform for; coordination, member fee payments, and websites for clubs and associations. We have more than 450.000 loyal users and we have high ambitions to make it easy and manageable to be a part of a team/club.

Our mission is to make as user friendly as possible, which we work hard on every day. We are through SportMember trying to make it more fun to be a part of a team/club. At the same time, it motivates us that our users can save many hours on the administrative work, so that they can enjoy the sport more.

Our goal is clear, becoming the largest free digital platform for coordination of sport, and we have made it our mission to make teams and clubs digital.

Today we are 20 hard-working people at SportMember, who are distributed between the 9 different countries in which we operate.

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The SportMember team

SportMember is managed directly from the headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Our main goal is to provide you with the best member system on the market. Meet us here:

Frank Bjergø
CEO & Founder
Jørgen Orehøj Erichsen
Mathias Tambjerg Steengaard
Software Developer
Mette Beier
Designer & Front-end Developer
Thomas Maroti 2.png
Thomas Maroti
Product Owner & Head of Support
Zak Staudinger
CRM, Denmark
Anna Magnusson
Country Manager, Sweden
Shanti Plaza
Country Manager, Spain
Thomas Varailhon de Filolie
Country Manager, France
Johanna Müller
Country Manager, Germany
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